Kochi Prefecture is located in the southern part of Shikoku on the Pacific Ocean side of Japan.
In land surrounded by rivers with the highest quality water in Japan, the magnificent ocean, and vividly green mountains, the people of Kochi enjoy the blessings of nature in food, culture, and fun, while preserving nature as it is.
Travel to Kochi, Japan's best kept secret, and experience an authentic and untouched Japan.


Yosakoi Festival

It is a large-scale festival held in Kochi City in August every year.
Yosakoi is an energetic style of group dancing that originated in Kochi.
Dancers in elaborate, colorful costumes proceed forward, moving to the beat of music based on a folk song called yosakoi-bushi.

Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage:Ohenro

Ohenro is the term for the Buddhist pilgrimage to 88 temples around the island of Shikoku.
There are 16 temples that are part of the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage in Kochi.


You can enjoy rafting, diving, cycling, camping, and more amidst majestic, beautiful nature. Fully experience the great outdoors of Kochi Prefecture, including the ocean, rivers, and mountains.


Kochi Prefecture has plenty of diverse, tantalizing foods to satisfy travelers, including bonito tuna and the yuzu citrus fruit. Enjoy Kochi, one of the most deliciously appealing travel destinations in Japan, to your heart's content.


Relax amidst beautiful nature that gives you a sense of healing. A journey that will refresh your body and soul awaits, with the clear ocean and rivers, vibrant trees, and warm encounters with kind people.


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KOCHI Prefecture